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VANITY FAIR September 1934
Condition is Near Mint
Full Description Down Page!

Loaded with Star Pics! Cover by Garretto
Article:"Has Hitler a Mother Complex"
Radio's Foremost Brain Trusts Pics Plus
Photos:Max Baer,Gary Cooper,Fay Wray,
Katherine Hepburn,Gertrude Lawrence,
Upton Sinclair and 7 pics Women's Golf
Coney Island's Summer-Cartoon And...
Astro-Movie Stars-12 pics, Lookalikes~
Gloria Swanson, Charles Laughton,
John Barrymore & Albert Einstein.
Color ADS:Goodyear,Camel,Fisher,
Lincoln 7 Pass. Sedan, Heinz Soup
B/W ADS:Caron,Spud,Matson/Oceanic
Hawaii Line,Cunard White Star Ltd.
Chrysler Airflow, Chevrolet and More!

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